Watersystems4u have supplied drinking water dispensers and fountains since 2013.  We come from an environmental background and

the plumbed in water coolers are more environmentally friendly than bottled water.  The carbon footprint is much lighter as there are no delivery

miles or bottles. We pride ourselves on supplying superior products and serviced at attractive prices.

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7 July 2023  |  Admin
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15 March 2022  |  Admin

When buying a Water Cooler its very unlikely that it will come with everything needed to do the installation. To fit your water cooler you will need to have an installation kit or know a plumber who is going to install the unit who can supply the required parts. It is a good idea to also buy an installation kit as it will come with all of the connectors to connect it to your water mains and it will also come with a filter.

Even if you have a plumber says he has all of the connectors, its unlikely that they will have a filter at hand. We recommend you always use a filter with all water coolers and boilers.

To filter out things like chlorine from your water you will need a water filter, and if your buying a boiler you will need a scale filter. A scale filter can extend the life of a water boiler or hot water cooler by slowing down the build up of scale in the tank and pipes. If you are buying an under counter cooler, as well as needing an installation kit you may also need to buy a tap and even a drip tray. Sometimes the under counter coolers may come with a tap and it will say that in the description.

If you buy an under counter installation kit, it will come with a basic tap.


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27 November 2021  |  Admin
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View how to change a Vorigo filter 











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17 June 2021  |  Admin
What CO2 Gas do I need for a Water cooler
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5 April 2021  |  Admin
Which Water Dispenser should I buy for a school.
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21 May 2020  |  Admin

Which Water Cooler should I buy in 2020.

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8 February 2018  |  Admin
The law about providing water at the work place.
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