Office Water Cooler Machines

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3300X Countertop Hot and Cold Mains Water Dispenser


Arctic Revolution 75 Top Water Cooler


ArcticChill 88 Counter Top Water Cooler - Chilled Water


ArcticChill 88 Floor Standing Water Cooler - Chilled Water


Eclipse 3W5-W Wall Mounted 25L Water Boiler Calomax


OASIS Cool P8EBFY Touchless Bottle Filler


Page 1 of 1:    8 Items

What water Cooler should I get for an office or home office. This depends on a number of factors. Firstly how many people will be using the office water cooler.
Our Office water machine's can provide as little as 7 Litres per hour to 180 litres per hour. A cooler with 7 litres per hour would be suitable for a small office or around 20 - 25 people. The 180 Litre machines generally are used in an area with hundreds of people, and who would all need water over a short time, for example over lunch time in a canteen.
Our office water machines also have options of sparkling and hot water.

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