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Suppliers of Water Dispensers, Drinking Fountains and Hot Water Boilers


Drinking fountains can be either Wall mounted or Freestanding, with outputs ranging from 30 litres per hour to 55 litres per hour. We can also supply no fridge fountains with no electrical connection (suitable for wet areas).

Water Boilers for Offices, Schools and Hospitality

Fast delivery from our warehouses, and UK-based Customer Service Team

Bulk Discounts, Installation and Servicing are available:

Email: Contact Us Form; Phone: 028 4273 8707

Water Coolers

Our plumbed and bottled water cooler range has the ideal dispenser for your office or catering outlet.

Hot and Cold Water Dispensers

Save space and provide chilled water AND hot water! Office and catering water dispensers available.

Drinking Fountains

Great range of fountains for schools and reception areas. Floor and wall-mounted units available.

Water Boilers

Traditional water boilers with capacities for the office or catering

Sparkling Water Coolers

Sparkling Water Coolers and Hot & Cold Dispensers for Offices and Catering


Everything you could need for your water cooler or hot and cold dispenser.


Domestic Water Systems

Under sink water systems, for use in a domestic setting, to purify your tap water

Installation and Servicing

Professional Installation and Maintenance for your water dispenser



About Us

Watersystems4u have a wide range of hot and cold water dispensers, free standing water coolers, countertop water coolers and water boilers. We have been supplying to business across the uk since 1997 and can offer from a wide range of manufacturers including Borg and Overstrom, Winix and Cosmetal to name a few. We sell and also rent systems into a range of different types of businesses. If you need a hot or cold water coolerer for you business we can offer a very competitive price and also discount on more than 3 units.

Our water chillers are suitable for for any sort of business, from a home office right to a large manufacturing site. We also have sold a lot of units into schools, colleges and gyms. It is recommended that you clean and saniatise your cooler once every six month, we sell satiating kits and filters for you to do yourself, or you can opt to have this done by a professional which we can arrange. If you have any queries about what cooler or water boiler you should buy or you want to arrange for someone to attend your site and do a 6 monthly service, then please call us.

What’s in Your Bottled Water?

There are stringent regulations that apply to bottled water – mineral, spring and other – but what’s the actual difference?

The bottled water legislation is devolved to the FSA for England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, and at present there are minor differences, but in essence:

  • Mineral Water comes from an approved underground source, and must be intrinsically of drinking water quality as no processing is permitted.
  • Spring Water must come from an underground source. However, this does not need to be an approved source, and certain treatments are permitted to make it safe for drinking. These treatments differ by region, and it is not sufficient for the water to be Spring Water in the region of the UK where it is produced - it must also meet the criteria for the region where it is being sold to.
  • Bottled Drinking Water can come from anywhere, and in many cases is simply tap water. It can also be mineral or spring water that has not met the grade and has needed treatment/s to meet the drinking water standards.

In other words, if your water is either Mineral or Spring water then you have a great product: if it is simply bottled drinking water then you are likely paying someone else to fill your bottles from their mains and paying handsomely for it.

If they tell you it is from a spring, be sure to ask whether it is legally classified as Mineral/Spring Water or if it is legally Drinking Water, and that will tell you the quality of the product (you might have to fight a bit for this answer!).