The law about providing water at the work place.

Did you know that providing water for your employees while at work is not only the law here in the uk, but it also increases work productivity by helping to perform better mentally and physically. If your employees are in an environment where there are potential safety risks, being hydrated will help avoid these risks as well. A reduction of only 2% can influence mood and lead to reduced levels of alertness


Regulation 22 of the 1992 Workplace Health and Safety  regulation states that employers should provide an adequate supply of clean water and make sure that it is easily accessible and marked by a suitable sign.

The European Food Safety Authority recommends we drink 2.5/2 litres Men/Women a day, most of which should come from drinks.

The best way to provide the water to your employees is by the use of a mains fed water cooler. The water is taken from your mains water supply and passed through a filter and cooled to provide cold fresh water.