Why Drinking Water in the Office is Essential

The Hydration Station: Why Drinking Water in the Office is Essential

You may ask, "Why is drinking water so important at work?" The answer goes far beyond simply quenching thirst. Adequate hydration has a direct impact on our productivity, focus, and overall well-being. We’re going to deep dive into the benefits of regular consumption during the workday and why it's critical for creating a healthy, vibrant, and successful workplace.


The Benefits of Drinking Water in the Workplace

Many of us often overlook the simple act of drinking water, especially when we're engrossed in our work. However, staying plays an essential role in your working day. There are numerous benefits of drinking water in the office and why it deserves a spot on your daily to-do list.


Boosts Productivity

Hydration is the unsung hero of workplace productivity. Our bodies are composed of up to 60% water, and even a small dip in our hydration levels can have a noticeable impact on both our mental and physical performance.

Adequate hydration maintains brain health, studies show that you only need to be 1% hydrated to experience a 5% decrease in cognitive function. The brain is approximately 75% water and relies on a delicate balance to optimally function. By staying hydrated you can ensure your brain has the necessary resources to operate at full capacity.

Tip: drinking water can also reduce the likelihood of headaches and migraines which are also indirectly linked to productivity.


Promotes Health

Regular water consumption plays an essential role in maintaining good health. It aids multiple bodily processes including:

  • Digestion
  • Nutrient absorption
  • Temperature regulation.

By ensuring regular intake, you can help to prevent common ailments such as headache and fatigue as well as flushing toxins out of bodies, promoting kidney function and contributing to clearer skin.


Fosters Teamwork

Water cooler stations often become informal gathering spots for employees, providing them with an opportunity to take a quick break, stretch their legs and engage in casual conversations.

These brief interactions can build rapport among team members, encouraging the exchange of ideas and promoting a collaborative work environment.

Tip: why not set team ‘hydration challenges’ or send out a reminder to drink plenty of water throughout the day? This can further enhance your teams’ interactions and create a shared sense of responsibility towards health.


Reduces Sick Leave

Proper hydration can have a direct impact on reducing the number of sick days taken by your team members. Consistent water intake aids in flushing out toxins from the body support our immune systems and help to prevent common ailments like headaches and migraines. 

It can also combat more serious conditions such as urinary tract infections and kidney stones. By encouraging regular water consumption in the workplace employers can foster a much healthier working environment.


Part of Wellness Initiative

Incorporating hydration into your company’s wellness initiative can be a complete game-changer. One really effective strategy could be providing employees with reusable water bottles branded with the company's logo. Not only does this promote regular water intake, but it also reinforces a sense of belonging and pride within the company and will also serve as a regular reminder to hydrate.

Such a simple cost-effective measure can have a profound impact on the health of individuals.


How our Mains Connected Coolers Can Help Keep Your Staff Hydrated

Our Mains Connected Coolers are a superb solution to keep your staff hydrated and healthy. These coolers provide a constant supply of fresh, chilled water directly from your building's water supply, eliminating the need for bottled water deliveries.

This means employees have easy access to hydration throughout the day, encouraging regular water intake. Each cooler is equipped with advanced filtration systems, ensuring it’s clean, safe, and tastes great. They are also incredibly low maintenance and space-efficient, making them an ideal choice for workplaces of all sizes. With our Mains Connected Coolers, promoting hydration and health in your office becomes effortless and convenient.

You can view our entire range of office water cooler machines here.



The benefits of promoting hydration in the office are manifold. From enhancing individual health and reducing sick leave to fostering teamwork and forming an integral part of wellness initiatives, consuming water throughout your workday is key. The strategic use of our mains water coolers and supplying your team with company-branded reusable bottles can play a pivotal role in supporting this.

These measures not only ensure easy access to clean, refreshing water but also reflect on your organisation's commitment to employee wellbeing and environmental sustainability.

Written by Hannah Walters