What CO2 Gas do I need for a Water cooler

A common issue people have when wanting to replace the CO2 for their water cooler are which CO2 cylinders should I buy, and when people are buying a new water cooler it can be a bit confusing which bottles to buy.

There are 2 types of "Food Grade" CO2 gas available on the market Disposable gas cylinders, the most popular being the 600 gms food grade CO2 these have an 11 mm thread. This is not the same as the CO2 you use for welding, which is not food grade.

This cylinder will require a gas regulator with an 11mm thread. Re-chargeable "Food Grade" CO2, If you have a high volume sparkling cooler then it is more economical to use a commercial food grade CO2 bottle. It takes approximately6 gms of CO2 gas to produce 1 Litre of sparkling carbonated water. These cylinders are available in a variety of sizes, A gas regulator with a 21mm thread will be required.

Normally a double gauge is best, as this shows what pressure is being delivered to the cooler and also how much is left in the gas cylinder. This will allow you to determine when you need a refill. When buying a water cooler that requires CO2 gas, we can supply the disposable bottles, but if you need a large refillable bottle you would need to speak to your local BOC or local dealer.

If you intent to use disposable bottles, when you are buying your sparkling cooler you will also need to buy a 11MM CONSUMER GRADE SPARKLING GAS REGULATOR as these need to be purchased separately, and if you intend to use the refillable bottles you will need to buy the SPARKLING GAS REGULATOR (DOUBLE GAUGE 21 MM). What CO2 sparkling gas bottles are available.

There are 2 main sizes of bottles are available, the 569E bottle holds around 3KG of gas and the 569S holds 6.3KG of gas. The only other thing you may need to know is how many drinks of sparkling water can I get from a CO2 bottle. The basic calculation is that for every 6 grams of CO2 one litre of sparkling water will be produced. So the disposable 600g bottle will produce 100 litres of sparkling water. If you need any additional information then please contact us.