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Touchless Drinking Water Fountain WFP9


WFT6 Stainless Steel Floorstanding Drinking Fountain


Blizzard Freestanding Water Dispenser - Cold


Cosmetal River Mains Fed Drinking Fountain





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Drinking Fountains for Businesses – Great tasting water for all!

If you want running water that’s pure, safe to drink, and hydrating to the last drop, then drinking fountains for schools or offices might be ideal for you. In high usage areas, drinking fountains for businesses are the perfect way to serve water in relatively high volumes, with none of the hassles typically associated with bottled water delivery or refills from a store.

Our quality drinking fountains for offices, schools and gyms make the best of the available space you have and can either be installed as a wall-mounted drinking fountain or free standing drinking fountain. Each drinking fountain comes with a high-quality purification filter to maintain the quality of the water, helping to filter out any undesirable taste or odour from your mains supply.


While browsing through our collection of high-quality and affordable drinking fountains for offices, schools and gyms, it is important to consider your requirements, as this will help you find one which faithfully meets your needs.

For example, do you require chilled water in specific areas of your gym, school or place of business? If so, how many litres at a time? Is filtration required to keep out any potential impurities or odour coming through the mains supply? Do your staff members and customers need to fill water bottles from the fountain? Can you do with a smaller, more compact wall mounted fountain or is a heavy-duty free standing water fountain better suited for your students or walk-in customers?

No matter what your requirements, our team at WaterSystems4U will help you choose the right drinking fountains for your office or place of business. We offer both wall mounted drinking fountains and free standing drinking fountains from leading UK manufacturers, all built to last and help you meet your daily water consumption demands.

When it makes sense to have Drinking Fountains installed

Our stylish and robust drinking fountainss make for an excellent addition to any gym, school, office or place of business where a high volume of water is required around the clock. There’s plenty of research indicating that schoolchildren, for example, who do not consume enough quality water throughout the day feel sluggish and are not as focused in the classroom. You’ll even find tonnes of research on employees taking too many sick leaves due to poor focus and concentration levels. With that said, you’d be amazed so as to how a quality hydration solution can help keep your pupils and staff members focused, productive more motivated throughout the day – not to mention returning customers due to the quality of water you serve!

The water fountains available with us have been built with a small footprint in mind. They boast a rugged steel construction and stainless steel sink top, with a proven track record for delivering a reliable, safe and quality-driven hydration solution all across UK offices and commercial facilities. Many of the designs feature a coil-on-coil cooling system, which helps to reduce costs while also making them a more environmentally friendly option.

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