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2020 looks set to be a great year for WaterSystems4U!


Ultimate Website Security

You will all have seen the ads on the TV, telling you to look for the ecommerce padlock…

We’ve taken on board that everyone – including us! – needs to be super aware of cyber security.

So since 2018 our entire site – not just the checkout – is encrypted using the latest cyber security standards, so every step of your WaterSystems4U journey is protected to the highest level.

Improved Design

We’ve updated the design of the website, so that, on desktop – which most of you are using - everything is to the right of the water dispenser images.

There are tabs for your buying options, Key Features, Downloads (Brochures and Manuals), Specifications and Delivery Costs.

If there are any other facilities you would like please let us know in the Comments section below!

Professional Water Cooler Installation and Servicing

We’ve been installing and servicing water coolers for 15 years, and can do this throughout the UK (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales).

Give us a ring on 01727-226464 if you’d like to make life that little easier for yourself, or simply add it to your basket and check out as normal.

Technical Blogs

We’ve started producing some technical blogs, to help you choose the best water cooler for you.

Let us know in the comments if there are any technical blogs you'd like to see us do!

Easier Pro-Forma Invoices

Pro-forma invoices are now so easy it’s almost embarrassing!

Simply add your products into the shopping basket, and go through the check-out process.

  1. Billing Name and Address. You can either log in to your account, or check out as Guest (which will need you to enter your details). Please note, that as per the EU legal requirement and forthcoming UK requirement, you are NOT automatically subscribed to our newsletter, but please do for Blog posts and special offers.
  2. At the bottom of the screen you will see the ‘View Invoice’ and ‘PDF’ – clicking either of them will open the pro forma in your normal PDF viewer, from which you can print and save it.

Improved Search Facilities

There’s no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ water dispenser, so the things searched for can be a bit eclectic!

There are a number of improvements to the search facilities, to help you. On top of the ubiquitous ‘Instant Search’ we’ve set up the site to include ‘Advanced Search’, so that you can look for slightly more esoteric features – for example water coolers less than a certain width that will fit in that funny little nook you have available.

On top of that, the ‘Refine Results’ menu allows you to easily find a suitable water dispenser (e.g. cold, hot and sparkling water) and not have to waste time wading through them manually (though doing so can sometimes spark a little lateral thinking!).


A bizarre addition to a water cooler sales site?

Not at all!

You now have a way to remind yourself to replace your filters. It’s not a perfect fit – most industries use this so people can remember annual events (like birthdays) – so you can’t set your reminder for a 6 month period. However, you can simply add two reminders, 6 months apart, and you’ll get a reminder email.

You’ll not need to, of course, if you avail yourself of our Professional Water Cooler Installation and Servicing

New Products

2020 looks set to be a wonderful year for new products!

Sparkling water dispensers are now very popular, this saves on cost, environmentally friendly (no bottles, no carriage) these systems are available as Counter Top, Under-counter and Free Standing to view click here

If you’d like to keep informed you can do so in several ways:


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