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ArcticChill 88 Floor Standing Water Cooler - Chilled Water


Cosmetal Niagara Mains 120 180 Freestanding Water Cooler


Borg and Overstrom B5 Mains Fed Water Cooler


ArcticSpring 100C Hot and Cold Water Dispenser


Niagara 65 Mains Freestanding Water Cooler | Cosmetal


Borg and Overstrom b4 - Chilled, Hot and Sparkling Freestanding


Borg and Overstrom B4 Base Unit



Page 1 of 1:    25 Items

Freestanding Water Coolers and Dispensers: Keep everyone happily hydrated

Get an infinite supply of refreshing, safe and premium-quality drinking water by having our freestanding water coolers installed. Whether you need a freestanding dispenser for school or a freestanding dispenser for office, WaterSystems4U is here to provide convenient and potable drinking water to everyone.

Our freestanding water dispensers are available in a variety of designs and sizes to suit your facility’s aesthetics. Whether you a need freestanding bottled water machine or a mains-fed freestanding water machine, we can help.

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In the 2+ decades that we’ve been in business, we have installed quality freestanding coolers for gyms, schools and offices all across Hertfordshire and surrounding areas. Our team of freestanding water dispenser experts will quickly assess the premises and determine the ideal location to install your freestanding water coolers – while also taking into account the number of people who need to stay hydrated and whether you prefer a bottled freestanding cooler or one connected to your mains supply.


Freestanding dispensers for schools, gyms and offices

Your pupils, clients and employees deserve quality hydration. This is not only important for their health and wellbeing, but also their productivity and ability to handle stress – it can even prove beneficial to your walk-in customers, as having access to quality drinking water means they will be returning customers. Yes, the little things, such as having a quality freestanding cooler in your office, do matter!

We’re proud of the fact that our quality freestanding coolers for gyms, schools and offices are a source of energy, dynamism and performance for everyone. Have anyone of our freestanding dispensers for school, for example, installed and you will see that your pupils no longer suffer from the sluggish effects of poor hydration. Our robust and well-built freestanding water dispensers deliver pure and safe filtered water all day long, no matter how many people there are in your school, office, gym or place of business.

At WaterSystems4U, we’re not very big advocates of single-use plastic water bottles water due to the debilitating effects they have on the environment. Our freestanding coolers for office or gym are a very effective way to stay hydrated and there’s no damage at all to the environment.

Pure, refreshing and delicious-tasting water that’s free of unnecessary additives and chemicals – keeping everyone happy, focused and at ease throughout the day. If you prefer to have your freestanding dispenser connected directly to the mains supply, we’d be happy to arrange that too.


Freestanding Water Coolers from Watersystems4u

Freestanding mains water dispensers are available from,  Cosmetal, BluPura, AAFirst, Oasis, Crystal Mountain, Winix and Clover. For example, there are direct chill water dispensers, simply taking the water in from the mains water supply and circulating the water around a cooling coil, delivered straight to the dispenser tap. This configuration is a totally sealed system, delivering excellent hygiene.  There are also water coolers that allow you to dispense the water without having to touch the unit itself. If you are not sure which configuration you need we are here to help. Our team can advise you on the many options available in our water cooler range.

We also stock bottled water coolers, these are handy for locations where you cannot easily get a mains water supply to the unit. One of the draw backs with the bottled water coolers is the fact that you need to store full bottles and the empty bottles in your office.

At Watersystems4u we pride ourselves on giving the best customer care, both during the decision making process and also with aftercare.  Offering the best advice.

No matter which configuration of water cooler you may consider we are here to help you choose the right one.
Browse our range now or call our friendly sales advisors today 01727 226 464. We only stock tried and tested quality coolers. We have been supplying water dispensers now for over 20 years and have a high level of expertise in the business.


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