Bottled Water Dispensers

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Crystal Mountain Glacier Freestanding Bottled Water Cooler


Clover Bottled water Dispenser Hot and Cold B7A



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Stylish Bottled Water Coolers for pure and refreshing hydration

Our bottled water dispensers are beyond ideal for schools, gyms, offices or any place of business where quality water is required throughout the day with minimal maintenance. We offer a variety of bottled water coolers from leading UK manufacturers to help you meet your daily hydration needs – helping to keep your students, staff members and customers focused, refreshed and adequately hydrated all day long.


Bottled water coolers have been a tried and trusted way of delivering fresh drinking water to schools, gyms and businesses for a long time. Before there were touch-free water fountains or futuristic wall-mounted water systems, there were bottled water dispensers! The best part is you don’t need a mains supply line – just choose the model you like and we will install them throughout your facility in a quick, efficient and hassle-free way.

At WaterSystems4U, our team goes out of their way to ensure that your bottled water supply is effectively managed each week. We’ll keep you supplied with fresh, clean and filtered water that’s 99% free of germs, while making sure that all your bottled water dispensers are working optimally through timely maintenance. You’ll have a constant supply of pure, clean and refreshing water at the press of a button, chilled or heated according to your preference.

Our team will collect the empty bottles according to the desired schedule and replenish your drinking water supply as and when needed. No need to travel down to your local store just to top up your daily supply.

When does it make sense to go with Bottled Water Dispensers?

Many gyms, schools or commercial facilities do not have a mains line, and they don’t need to, perhaps. This is where bottled water systems for schools, gyms and offices provide a clean, fresh and steady supply of chilled and rejuvenating water – a cost-effective and practical solution for the busiest of workplaces, be it a gym, school or any kind of office.

With over two decades of supplying clean bottled water coolers to offices across Ireland and the UK mainland, we understand a thing or two about providing pure, mineral-rich and refreshing water to businesses and their valued customers. We know what it takes to deliver high quality water on time and that too at a fantastic value.

Owing to our wealth of experience, we can provide bottled water dispensers for schools, offices and gyms according to your underlying requirements and schedule. Our exceptional customer service team will go above and beyond to ensure that all your bottled water supply and maintenance needs are met on an ongoing basis.

Browse through our collection now, where you’ll find that our bottled water dispensers for offices, schools, gyms and businesses of all kinds are very reasonably priced and offer a robust built, coupled with a modern design. With each purchase, you get high-quality filters, bottles and timely refills, along with scheduled maintenance to ensure that you bottled water dispensers run efficiently throughout the year.