Under Counter Water Coolers

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Under Counter Water Coolers – A compact solution for businesses

Under counter water dispensers, also called under sink water dispensers, offer a highly practical and compact solutions for offices, gyms and schools alike. Installed neatly under your sink, they remain concealed and tucked out of sight – the perfect solution for providing cool, chilled or sparkling water on demand (they don’t provide warm or hot water according to your current webpage?). As long as you have a mains supply with adequate pressure, you’re all set!


Under counter water dispensers are a very cost-effective solution where space is limited and you don’t want any water coolers or dispensers to be visible. WaterSystems4U will take care of all servicing and maintenance requirements on a timely basis – making it a truly worthwhile investment for any business looking to provide quality drinking water to keep their pupils, staff and customers nicely hydrated.

When under counter water dispensers are ideal

Under counter water coolers are perfect for areas where traditional standing or countertop coolers, for example, are just not practical. Our range of under counter water dispensers for gyms, schools and offices are the perfect addition to your premises if space is limited – even if not, where you want your water dispensers to be completely out of sight, under counter water machines are beyond ideal.

Our compact under counter coolers can be installed neatly under your sink or kitchen counters, where we will connect them to your mains supply – providing pure, safe and filtered water for everyone. Having an adequate supply of refreshing and hydrating water in your facility is extremely important to help everyone cope with stress, and stay focused as well as productive. Even your customers will thank you for providing quality water, refreshing and rejuvenating them with every sip.

Irrespective of where you want to have your under sink water dispensers installed, your entire facility will enjoy a constant supply of cool, chilled and sparkling water. You’ll never have to worry about running out and then waiting for “abc” water company to deliver your daily supply of water in plastic bottles, which are already wreaking havoc on our environment.   

WaterSystems4U are leaders in providing quality under counter water systems. Whether you need an under counter dispenser for office where you’re running low on space or an under counter cooler for gym with its own tap, we have a range of under counter coolers to choose from. An environmentally-friendly and cost-effective solution all the way, our under counter water machines – once installed discreetly under your sink or kitchen counter – will provide superb-quality and fantastic-tasting water on tap all day long.

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