Countertop Water Dispensers

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ArcticChill 88 Counter Top Water Cooler - Chilled Water

£343.23   £334.25

ArcticStar 55 Hot and Cold Counter Top Water Dispenser

£352.35   £339.26

3300 Table Top Mains Water Dispenser Cold and Ambient

£322.65   £299.68

3300X Countertop Hot and Cold Mains Water Dispenser

£349.36   £316.05

Jazz 1100 Mains Fed Water Cooler Table Top - Cold and Ambient

£366.00   £259.00

Jazz 1100 Mains Fed Countertop Water Cooler -  Hot and Cold

£366.00   £263.50

BluSoda Touchless Table Top Sparkling Water Dispenser

£831.76  -  £1,135.64

Crystal Mountain Avalanche Countertop Water Dispenser -  Hot and Cold

£212.44  -  £228.25

Cosmetal J-Class TOP Countertop Cold Water Dispenser

£681.25  -  £1,053.69

Borg & Overstrom B4 Counter Top Water Cooler Cold and Ambient

£499.95   £427.89

Borg & Overstrom b4 Mains Countertop Water Cooler Chilled and Sparkling

£1,099.00   £1,004.51

Cosmetal Niagara TOP 65 120 180 Mains Countertop Water Cooler

£985.16  -  £1,889.06


Page 1 of 1:    15 Items

Fantastic-quality Countertop Water Coolers to save space

Are you short on space? Many schools, gyms and offices don’t have enough space to install proper water systems or dispensers throughout the premises, in which case, our attractive and robust countertop water machines and countertop water dispensers are perfect.

Provide cool and chilled or warm and hot water to your pupils, staff and clients that’s not only great-tasting but also filtered and pure to the last drop. We offer fantastic prices and hassle-free installation on our range of countertop water coolers for gyms, offices and schools.


Depending on where you’d like the countertop coolers to be installed, we can provide bottled countertop water dispensers and mains-fed countertop water machines, making it more than convenient for your staff members, students and customers to instantly feel refreshed and hydrated, no matter where they are in the facility.

Countertop cooler for gym, school or office

Every drop of water that your staff, pupils and clients enjoy from a WaterSystems4U countertop water dispenser is up to 99% pure from all kinds of bacteria. The high-quality antimicrobial filters in our countertop coolers for schools, gyms and offices guarantee complete peace of mind, keeping everyone safe from unwanted germs, pathogens and viruses.

Our countertop coolers are available from leading UK manufacturers, including those with completely hands-free operation to minimise the spread of germs. Hands-free pedals and touch sensors make our countertop dispensers very safe to use, while nearly all variants come with a cold, room temperature, hot, ultra hot and sparkling options. Having great-quality water that tastes refreshing, pure and safe to the last drop, is something all of your building’s occupants deserve, no matter what kind of business or facility you’re running.

Enjoy our range of bottle-free countertop coolers for schools, gyms and offices, allowing students, members, staff and customers to conveniently hydrate themselves – while keeping the environment safe by preventing those plastic water bottles from ending up in landfills and our oceans.

High-quality Countertop Water Coolers – Book your order

Adequate hydration has numerous benefits. That’s why it’s all the more important for you to make great-tasting water available through a stylish tabletop water dispenser for your office, school or gym, providing safe and quality hydration for everyone.  

Enjoy filtered water and stay refreshed all day long – not to mention happier, healthier and more productive students and staff members as well as satisfied customers.


TableTop Water Coolers for home 

Our range to table top water coolers are not only for the work place, tabletop water coolers are the most common bought for the home due to their small foot print. Depending on the location, a bottled table top can go anywhere, where as the plumbed in version needs to be near a water mains.

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