Why Use a Water Cooler?

Water is probably the most important thing to maintaining life - it's absence can lead to a frighteningly quick demise - but even poor hydration can lead to serious consequences within your workforce, in terms of lost productivity.

The Natural Hydration Council has produced a brilliant Hydration in the Workplace Fact Sheet. We highly recommend you read it and think carefully about what you need from your water cooler or hot water dispenser in order to get the most from your workforce.

Do you have a mobile work force or people who work outdoors a lot? These employees would probably really appreciate access to filtered water for filling their own bottles for use during the day. If you have more than a few such employees then you are going to see huge peaks of water requirement in the morning and at lunchtime when they fill their bottles. When you are selecting your plumbed water cooler make sure you think about peak water required per hour. If your workforce is big enough, then you may need to consider one of our high volume water coolers.

If you are like the majority of companies now, a lot of people take their break at their desk. There's no need for the old fashioned ugly boiler on a kitchen wall - we have a great range of hot and cold water dispensers for you to choose from!

If you need convinced that times have changed, have a look at the Borg and Overstrom range which now includes wonderfully cool and sophisticated gloss white. Go on, do away with the ugly  water flasks in your board room - get something cool and sophisticated to impress your guests with chilled water, hot water, or even sparkling water!