Need something else for your water dispenser?

You should be able to find everything you need in here.

If you don't - or you just want a hand selecting the right thing - we'd love you to contact us!


Brackets for our Water Dispensers


Yummy water... have a look at our water cooler filter range!

Installation Kits

Installation kits for Water Coolers, Drinking Fountains and Hot and Cold Water Dispensers.

Sanitising Kits

Ready for your 6-month filter change? ... don't forget to sanitise !

Water Cooler Taps

Taps compatible with all our water dispensers.

Waste Kits

No drains handy for spills?

Have a look at our Drain Kits for water dispensers in awkward locations...

Other Accessories

Wide range of accessories for Water Coolers and Hot and Cold Water Dispensers: Drip Trays, Cup Holders and Water Cooler Gas Refills to name but a few!
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