Crystal Mountain Avalanche Countertop Water Dispenser - Hot and Cold

Crystal Mountain Avalanche Countertop Water Dispenser - Hot and Cold

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The Mountain Avalanche Countertop Water Cooler will provide 10 L/hr of chilled water per hour. The Avalanche is mains-fed and plums directly into your mains water supply.

Crystal Mountain Avalanche Countertop Water Dispenser Specifications

The Avalanche Countertop water dispenser has smooth styling in White, clean crisp lines and will service any environment, Office, Home, Reception areas. The Avalanche Hot and Cold model will supply cold and Hot water on demand. The mechanical operated taps will allow bottles and jugs to be filled. The fluted finish on the Glacier water dispenser gives a classic Greek column appearance. We also supply a selection of filters to meet your needs, this will help remove tastes and odours, organic chemicals etc. the crystal water dispenser will give you an endless supply of clear cool refreshing drinking water. The internal water storage tank is stainless steel. The hot water is only suitable for one or two cups at any one time, if you need more than this a dedicated hot water boiler may be needed. The water cooler in our range that provides the hottest water is the Arctic Star 55 (92oC to 96oC), It has a boost button to provide more and warmer water than most other warm water coolers.Click here to see the Arctic Star 55 information

A hot and cold water cooler is not a replacement for a kettle or dedicated water boiler, click here to see why


 Crystal Mountain


 Avalanche - Cold/Ambient or Hot and Cold


 Countertop POU Water Dispenser


 Offices, Hospitality, Industrial, Education

 Leisure, Medical

 Cooling Mechanism


 Cold Cups Per Hour


 Hot Cups 

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 Temperature Range

 4ºc -11ºc  Hot 2 Litrs@86oC


 H330 x W368 x D419 mm

 Power Consumption

 74 Watts Cold, 450 Watts Hot


 1 Year Parts

 Litres Per Hour

 Approx 10 Litres per hour