High Class Freestanding 30 Sparkling Water Dispenser

High Class Freestanding 30 Sparkling Water Dispenser

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Cosmetal Hi Class Top 30 Sparkling Water


Technology - Ice-bank cooling system produces 30 litres per hour and ensures an optimal balance of performance and cost effectiveness.
Types of water - All models of this water cooler dispenser dispenses cold water, alongside ambient temperature water in model AC and sparkling water in model ACWG.

Hygiene - The absence of external taps and the protected dispensing point located well away from the control panel ensure optimal hygiene, therefore preventing outside bacterial contamination.
Leds - Elegant blue LEDs that ensure accurate bottle or glass positioning underneath the dispense taps.
Safety - The safety valve prevents leakages caused by accidental faults inside the machine. 
High Class Freestanding 30 Sparkling Water Cooler by AA First: Provides Elegance & Superior Performance in One

Discover unparalleled refreshment with the High Class Freestanding 30 Sparkling Water Cooler by AA First. Premium design meets high-end functionality to deliver consistently chilled, sparkling, and still water. One-year warranty included!

One of the big differences with this water cooler is that the unit splits into a counter top water cooler and separate base if needed. This allows the cooler to be transformed into a countertop water cooler if a freestanding cooler is not the requirement configuration in the future.

Product Description:
Introducing the High Class Freestanding 30 from AA First, a state-of-the-art sparkling water cooler that combines exquisite design and superior technology to deliver the ultimate hydration experience. This sparkling water cooler stands as a testament to quality, promising reliability and exceptional performance.

Key Features:
Diverse Water Options: Whether you desire chilled, sparkling, or still water, this cooler satiates your thirst effortlessly.
Freestanding Design: Its sleek, freestanding structure suits any environment, offering versatility and style in one.
One-Year Warranty: Comes with a one-year warranty, ensuring peace of mind and secure investment.
Technical Specifications:
Product: High Class Freestanding 30
Brand: AA First
Water Options: Chilled, Sparkling, Still
Design: Freestanding
Warranty: 1 Year

Advanced Cooling Technology: Experience the revolutionary cooling technology that ensures every sip is refreshing and revitalizing.
Elegant Appearance: The sparkling water cooler boasts a sleek and polished look, making it a stylish addition to any space.
Easy Operation: Simple user interface ensures hassle-free access to your preferred water choice.
Sustainable Choice: Reduces the dependency on single-use plastic bottles, supporting an eco-friendly lifestyle.
High Capacity: Suitable for high-traffic areas, effortlessly catering to the needs of many.

The High Class Freestanding 30 Sparkling Water Cooler by AA First is your go-to solution for premium hydration needs. Whether it’s the rapid cooling technology or the sleek, sophisticated design, this sparkling water cooler stands out in every aspect. Coming with a one-year warranty, it represents a secure and valuable investment. Perfect for office spaces, gyms, schools, or any high-traffic areas, the High Class Freestanding 30 guarantees to meet your sparkling water needs with elegance and efficiency.





 30  Cold/Sparkling


 Countertop Water Cooler - Mains fed


 Offices, Hospitality, Industrial, Education

 Leisure, Medical, Domestic

 Cooling Mechanism

 Direct Chill

 Water Source

 Mains Fed

 Litres Per Hour


 Cups Per Hour


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    Hi Top Product Brochure

 Temperature Range

 4ºc -12ºc


 H552 x W262 x D407 mm

 Power Consumption

 120 Watts Cold


 1 Year Parts

 Dispensing Height