Creating a Pro-Forma Invoice

We appreciate that most companies these days require that pro-forma invoices (frequently 3 of them) are submitted to the accounts section ahead of final approval for the purchase.

With something like a water cooler, it may become a little more complicated than simply printing the product pages: for example you may decide to go for the full package, where you purchase the water dispenser, installation and servicing.

With WaterSystems4U all you have to do is:

  • Add everything you want to be on the pro-forma to the basket
  • Go to Checkout
  • Fill in your account details (email, address etc. so that the correct delivery charge can be applied)
  • At the 2nd stage (before payment) you have the option of proceeding with the purchase, or you can simply click the 'Pro-forma' link and save/print it.
  • You can then return at a later time and complete the purchase.