How does Cosmetal Cool the Water in their Water Dispensers?

Cosmetal Water Dispensers - Reservoir Cooling

Cosmetal Reservoir Cooling Technical ImageThis is the classic system which stands out for its simplicity of operation. It is particularly suitable where there is a low pressure of the water supply which would not suit a direct chill system. Suitable also in those countries where higher temperatures affect cooling capacity.

Water carried from the mains - in point of use water coolers - is conveyed through pipes to the tank where it is cooled by the cooling system. The tank is insulated with expanded polystyrene to maintain low temperatures.

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Cosmetal Water Dispensers - Direct Chill

Cosmetal Direct Chill Technical ImageThis is a practical, simple and very effective way of cooling water quickly; larger volumes of water are available from this system, compared to a tank system. The water is not stored, but continuously flows from the water mains to the water dispensing point on demand, thus limiting bacterial proliferation and guaranteeing high hygiene standards.

Water from the water mains passes through a stainless steel coil, which is in close contact with another coil – a copper evaporator – containing the cooling gas. The cold produced by the cooling gas is transmitted by conduction to the coil through which the drinking water flows, thus cooling it down.

The stainless steel coil through which the water passes is close to, but separated from, the copper coil. This ensures that, in the event of a breakdown, the cooling gas does not mix with the drinking water.

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