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Waste Kits

Our Drain Kits allow you to put your water cooler even where there is no handy drainage point.

They will catch all spills, and we really do recommend a sensor and audible alarm to ensure you don't forget to empty it!

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AAFirst Drain Kit

AAFirst Drain Kit£36.23  -  £45.00

  • Compatible with 3300/4400/4400FZ/Artic Chill/ water dispenser.
  • 3L tank tank with connected to the drip tra
  • Pre installed(optional)
b2/b3 Water Cooler Waste Kit | Borg and Overstrom

b2/b3 Water Cooler Waste Kit | Borg and Overstrom£29.44  -  £54.51

  • Compatible with b2 and b3 water dispensers
  • 12.5L tank or 10L tank with audible alarm
ezytray2 integrated drip tray

ezytray2 integrated drip tray£216.25

  • Stainless Steel
  • Boiling tap is integrated to the drop tray
  • Drainage away to waste
WCD Waste Kit

WCD Waste Kit£29.95  -  £59.95

  • Compatible with Winix 5C & 6C water dispenser.
  • 5L tank tank with connection to the drip tray

Page 1 of 1:    4 Items