Service for Hot Tap with Brita Filter

Service for Hot Tap with Brita Filter

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Compatible Water Coolers

  • J-Class IN 30
  • J-Class IN 30 WG
  • J-Class IN 45
  • Niagara IN 65
  • Niagara IN 65 WG
  • Niagara IN 120
  • Niagara IN 120 WG
  • Niagara IN 180
  • Niagara IN 180 WG
  • Niagara Top

Your Hot Tap servicing should be done every 6 months. This includes the sanitising of your cooler and the filter changed. If this is not done bacteria can build up inside your cooler. This service is for a single visit to your location to do a full service and filter change. The service will be scheduled for around 6 months after your purchase.

IN this service we provide the Scale Brita filter, this is one of the best filters on the market for preventing scale from building up in your Hot Tap.