Sanitising Kit |Borg and Overstrom

Sanitising Kit |Borg and Overstrom

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  1. Turn off the incoming water and electrical supply and use the taps (and drain point if fitted) to drain off all the water.
  2. Remove both the Top Cover and the tank lid of the machine exposing the inside of the water tank. Remove any baffle plate found in the centre of the tank. The inlet to any hot tank may be temporarily shut off as sanitisation of a hot tank in continuous use is unnecessary. Any lime scale or mineral deposits should first be removed by manual scrubbing with a non-metallic sponge-scouring pad. For stubborn deposits, most domestic brand stainless steel cleaners can also be used.
  3. If using a service dosing cartridge, please now go straight to no 4. At this stage it is possible to see whether any water has been left in the base of the tank, 100ml of sanitising fluid can now be tipped into the reservoir. (We recommend a hydrogen peroxide base sanitising fluid of reputable manufacture using the dilution ratios as supplied with the product.)
  4. Remove the existing filter and install a filter head to suit the service cartridge if necessary. Empty 100ml of sanitisation fluid into the service cartridge and connect the cartridge to the filter head.
  5. The water can be turned on again briefly to half fill the reservoir, forming a diluted sanitising solution. DrawSThe upper half of the reservoir should be cleaned with sanitisation wipes. Leave for 10 minutes to effect sanitisation, whilst the sanitisation solution is having its effect, please fully clean the external casing with sanitisation wipes, ensuring particular attention is paid to the faucets. Once the sanitisation fluid has been left for a satisfactory period of time please flush the water cooler through at least once with clean water.
  6. When this has been completed, the machine can be reassembled and your sanitisation is complete. Always remember to replace the filter(s) with the appropriate type(s). (Retain service/dosing cartridges for reuse.) Please now switch the power back on.
  7. Ozonation is another alternative, but not a recommended method, as we believe the opportunity should always be taken to inspect the machine internally, remove any scale or mineral build-ups and take interventive action where appropriate.

Compatible with the following Water Coolers and Hot and Cold Water Dispensers:

  • Borg and Overstrom b2 Water Cooler / Hot and Cold Water Dispenser
  • Borg and Overstrom b3 Water Cooler / Hot and Cold Water Dispenser
  • Borg and Overstrom b4 Water Cooler / Hot and Cold Water Dispenser
  • Borg and Overstrom b5 Water Cooler / Hot and Cold Water Dispenser
  • Borg and Overstrom f4 Drinking Fountain
  • Borg and Overstrom u1 Water Cooler
  • Borg and Overstrom u2 Water Cooler

The Borg and Overstrom sanitising kit is ideal for carrying out the job of ensuring the hygiene of your Borg & Overstrom water dispenser is properly maintained.  This kit is for sanitising Borg water coolers, fitted with an M9M filter.

 A blank filter cartridge is supplied which simplifies the process of sanitising your water cooler, the sanitiser is added to this cartridge and fits directly to the included filter head.

This kit is for coolers fitted with a M9M filter head, if your system has an inline filter you will need the SK1 sanitising Kit.