Boiling Tap EZYTAP75 Water Boiler

Boiling Tap EZYTAP75 Water Boiler
Boiling Tap EZYTAP75 Water Boiler

Boiling Tap EZYTAP75 Water Boiler

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There are two versions of this tap, one comes in Hot and ambient water and the other is hot and chilled (EZY7800), There is also a choice of 2 taps with different dispensing heights. One has a dispensing height of 18.5 cm and the other has a dispensing height of 24 cm.

The Hot and Ambient will need a space for a single boiler box underneath the counter, and the hot and cold will require a space for the boiler box and also a space for the water chiller, only one tap is required to dispense the different temperatures of water.


The EZYT75 boiling tap from AAfirst is a must have beautifully designed boiler with an electronically  Tap Touchpadcontrolled touchpad. This touchpad has buttons for ambient water and a button for hot water. However with the safety features on this tap a safety button must also be pressed for the hot water. All you see on top of your work surface, The water boiler itself is under the counter out of sight. The EZYTAP75 needs space for a single water boiler unit as seen in the picture below, the second undercounter unit shown is only needed if you choose the chilled water option (EZY7800).

The EZYT75 Boiling tap will produce instant hot water at 95 C to make up tea, coffee, snack beverages, soups, pasta and noodles. The hot tap can deliver up to 70 cups of instant hot water per hour and unlimited amounts of ambient drinking water. With this hot tap there will never again be a need for you to have to wait for a kettle to boil. The Hot and chiller version (EZY7800) can also provide up to 6 Litres of chiller water per hour. An round drip tray is available as an optional extra if you are not mounting the tap over a sink.  "Prices do not include a drip tray"


Both the EZYT75 and the EZY7800 are also energy efficient and can save you up to 80% in energy costs.

  • Robust construction 4 Litre hot tank (14 Litres per hour hot water) - Both EZY 75 and EZY 7800
  • Chilled water 7 Litres per - EZY7800 version.
  • Wras Approval pending
  • Smart technology and safety features
  • Attractive Chrome tap with touch console
  • Temperature control to 95oC
  • Standard 2 year warranty
  • The hot tank can be opened and cleaned (de-scaled)

We also offer an after care package to keep your Hot Tap operating efficiently.



The EZYTAP75 is an essential fixture in a busy office or kitchen, Supplying up to 70 cups of boiling hot filtered water to 95o C (14 Litres p/h), ensuring everyone has a cup of tea/coffee or water in an instant. Tap dispensing height 18.5cm, EZYTAP75T has a taller dispensing height of 24cm.