AAFirst 1000C Water Boiler 31L per Hour

AAFirst 1000C Water Boiler 31L per Hour

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Stylish countertop boiler suitable for offices, coffee shops and canteens. The 1000C boiler will deliver 31 L/hr of boiling water, and has a 5L draw-off. Energy efficient and compact boiling water solution.

Experience Effortless Hot Water Access with the AAFirst 1000C Hot Water Boiler

Introducing the AAFirst 1000C Hot Water Boiler – your gateway to instant and convenient hot water. Elevate your daily routine with this innovative appliance that combines efficiency and ease, redefining how you enjoy hot beverages and meals.

Key Features:

Instant Hot Water with Swift Heating Technology: Discover the joy of immediate hot water with the AAFirst 1000C Hot Water Boiler. Advanced heating technology ensures quick heating, providing you with hot water whenever you need it.

Endless Hot Water Supply with Generous Capacity: With an ample 1000ml capacity, this hot water boiler ensures a steady flow of hot water for various tasks. Bid farewell to time-consuming boiling on traditional stovetops.

Compact Design, Powerful Performance: Designed for modern living, the AAFirst 1000C Hot Water Boiler boasts a compact form (insert dimensions here) while delivering exceptional performance, making it a seamless fit in any kitchen or workspace.

Customized Hot Water Temperatures: From tea to instant meals, the AAFirst 1000C Hot Water Boiler offers precise temperature control for tailored hot water experiences. Achieve the perfect temperature every time.

Efficiency Meets Eco-Friendliness: Beyond rapid heating, this hot water boiler is energy-efficient, minimizing energy usage with its smart heating mechanism. Enjoy hot water convenience while reducing your carbon footprint.

Safety and Peace of Mind: Safety is paramount. The AAFirst 1000C Hot Water Boiler features safety elements such as boil-dry protection and a cool-touch exterior, ensuring worry-free use.

Effortless Maintenance, More Hot Water Enjoyment: Cleaning is hassle-free with a removable water tank and easy-to-clean surfaces. Spend less time on upkeep and more time enjoying hot water.

Elevate your hot water experience with the AAFirst 1000C Hot Water Boiler – the embodiment of efficiency and convenience.

Unlock Hot Water Convenience: Welcome the future of hot water solutions by adding the AAFirst 1000C Hot Water Boiler to your routine. Redefine your relationship with hot water.

Pioneering Convenience, One Hot Pour at a Time.

Product features

  • Capacity - 5 Litres
  • Dimensions  218(W) x 265(D)mm x 440(H)
  • Material - Stainless Steel & Plastic
  • 5Ltr immediate draw off capacity
  • Easy to descale and service
  • Boiler Model Number 1000c
  • Voltage 230V
  • Warranty -1 Year Parts & Labour
  • Weight -9.7kg
  • Output - 31 Litres per hour (156 cups/hr)
  • Power Type 13A