Under Sink Water Cooler Installation Kit with Tap

Under Sink Water Cooler Installation Kit with Tap
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This installation kit is suitable for Zerica, Iceberg and Cosmetal under sink water dispensers.

it includes everything you will need to carry out a competent installation, giving you years of trouble free use and providing an endless supply of cool clear refreshing water.

Water Dispenser Installation Instructions

  1. Decide where you want to site the Water Cooler, this should be close to your cold water mains supply and also have a 240 Volt supply available in the same location.
  2. Turn off your mains water supply and fit the washing machine valve, preferably with the large thread facing up or down.  With enough room to fit the block valve and reset and access for your hands.
  3. Inside the block valve you will see numbers inside the externally threaded end, set this to (3) and then fit the block valve to the washing machine fitting, this should be mounted vertically either up or down, fit the block valve reset and the adapter nut (Do not over tighten).
  4. Connect the 1/4 tubing into the adapter nut on the reset, run tubing to where you have the filter fitted and cut tubing (leave a little slack) ensure cut is straight or it may not seal, fit filter (check flow arrow on filter)
  5. Flush out the filter by running 3-4 litres of water through it.
  6. Run tubing (from filter outlet) to the water dispenser and turn on the water supply, check for leaks (push in all joints) check ALL connections and joints.
  7. Drill 12mm diameter hole in sink area where the tap is to be fitted.(ensure there are no obstructions below this location before drilling.
  8. Fit tap and secure with nut and washer supplied, fit adapter to tap and tighten (do not overtighten)
  9. Run tubing from the cooler to the tap and push into connector.
  10. Switch on cooler and you now have your Water Cooler operational
  11. Enjoy your water dispenser!

Important Reminders:

  • Check all the joints, to ensure they are all pushed fully home
  • Change your filter and sanitise your water dispenser every 6 months
  • You can use a 3 way tap instead of drilling and fitting a separate tap. (Franke tap or similar)

Compatible with the following under counter water coolers:



  • Crystal Mountain Iceberg
  • Cosmetal J-Class IN 30
  • Cosmetal J-Class IN 30 WG
  • Cosmetal J-Class In 45
  • Cosmetal Niagara IN 65
  • Cosmetal Niagara IN 65 WG
  • Cosmetal Niagara IN 120
  • Cosmetal Niagara IN 120 WG
  • Cosmetal Niagara IN 180
  • Cosmetal Niagara IN 180 WG
  • Zerica U80
  • Zerica U240 HPDC
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