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Why choose a plumbed in water cooler?
Are Mains water coolers cost effective?
Choosing the right water cooler
Water Cooler Styles (free-standing, under-counter, counter-top and fountain)
Water Cooler Types (cold, hot and sparkling)
Water Cooler Designs (Direct Chill / Ice Bank and reservoir / tank)
Installing a Plumbed Mains Water Cooler
Maintaining a Plumbed Mains Water Cooler
Are Plumbed Mains Water Coolers Hygienic?
Water Cooler Pricing
Plumbed Mains Water Cooler Reliability


Why choose a plumbed in water cooler?

  • Plumbed water coolers are more economical than bottled water coolers
  • You never run out of water if the weather turns warm
  • You do not need storage space for full or empty bottles
  • Mains fed water coolers are more hygienic than bottled water coolers, as air is not drawn in as water is dispensed - a vital consideration to keeping your workforce healthy during the flu season.
  • Mains fed water coolers have a reduced carbon footprintare more environmental friendly: no diesel-guzzling lorries traveling on congested roads to increase your carbon footprint!
  • No handling required: bottles weigh approx 20 Kg - above the recommended safe lifting limit for women and at the outer limit for a fit male.

Are mains water coolers cost effective?

Plumbed water coolers can save between 60% and 80% against bottled water coolers.

Each 200ml of bottled water will cost you approximately 8 pence: why pay this amount when you can have it on tap for a fraction of the cost! After your initial purchase, all you need to do is simple routine maintenance including replacing the filter once every 6 months.

Choosing the Right Plumbed Mains Water Cooler

  • Water Cooler Location: Look at where you have space for a water cooler, and the convenience of access to mains water, then select a suitable water cooler style
  • Water Volume: There is no hard and fast rule. How many people are going to be using the water cooler, and in what temperatures? For example, 10 workers on a hot factory floor will need a lot more water to keep hydrated and alert than 10 workers in a air-conditioned office. If you are switching from a bottled water cooler to mains fed water cooler then you can use historical consumption as a guide (and don't forget to go back far enough in your records to include seasonal peaks). If this is your first water cooler, we'll be happy to discuss your workers and environment and guide you to a suitable water cooler
  • Long Breaks: if your premises takes long breaks - e.g. schools and some factories - then take into consideration whether you want a Direct Chill / Ice Bank water cooler (ready to go again when you return refreshed from your break), or a reservoir water cooler (may need to re-sterilise when you return, as the water will have been lying in the tank). Again, contact us for guidance if you have have any doubts.
When you have this information next is how much do you want to spend: all of our Water Coolers are sold at very competitive prices. 

Have a look at our extensive range, and if you have any questions send an email to

Plumbed In Water Cooler Styles

  • Free Standing Water Coolers: the most traditional style, which can be placed anywhere
  • Counter-Top Water Coolers: where floor space is at a premium a counter-top water cooler will fit on any desk or work-bench
  • Under-Counter Water Dispensers: when all else fails and space is just not available - or when you just want to hide your water dispenser away for design or hygiene reasons - an under-counter water cooler will allow you to have access to the same chilled, refresing water by means of a dedicated tap.
  • Water Fountains or Bubblers: provide a quick, easy and hygenic way to let a potentially large number of people keep hydrated without the need for cups

Water Cooler Types

Water coolers have come a long way!

Not only can you have refreshing chilled water, but you can now also have sparkling water, and even do away with your always-on tea-water boiler and heat hot filtered water on demand!

Water Cooler Designs

Most plumbed in water coolers utilise a water reservoir, but others are classified as Direct Chill or Ice Bank

  • Direct Chill or Ice Bank: do not have a storage tank. They chill the water on demand through a chilled coil, which allows for greater hygiene as the water does not lie in the cooler over extended periods. In addition, the chilled water temperature will always remain fairly close to ideal.
  • Standard Reservoir Water Coolers: have a tank, either stainless steel or plastic. High water throughput, e.g. a large office in a very hot summer, will never enable the water to get fully chilled down (the tank is constantly being emptied), which is why it is important to get a water volume/hr rating appropriate to your situation, but even then the temperature will fluctuate when demand is highest.

Our Water Cooler Brands

We carry all the leading brands: Acis, Borg & Overstrom, Winix, Cosmetal, Zerica and Crystal Mountain at competitive prices

Installation and Sanitising Kits are available for all of our water coolers

Installing a Plumbed Mains Water Cooler

This is not difficult!

WaterSystems4u can supply an installation kit, which includes everything you will need to carry out a professional job without professional assistance.

The kit contents vary, depending on the type of cooler being installed. The components are same as a professional installer would use and also includes your first filter.

Full easy to follow instructions are included.

How Often Does a Plumbed in Mains Water Cooler Need Maintained?

It is recommended that a plumbed water cooler should be sanitised every 6 months, along with a filter change. For details on our Sanitising kits and instructions go to Sanitising details

Are Plumbed Mains Water Coolers Hygienic?

It has been proven that plumbed mains water coolers are more bacteriologically safe than bottled water coolers. This is reflected in the sanitising schedule i.e. bottled water coolers every 3 months, plumbed mains water coolers every 6 months

Why is There Such a Wide Difference in Pricing of Mains Plumbed Water Coolers?

This is due primarily to the design and technology of the individual water cooler. Higher spec models are naturally more expensive!

WaterCoolers4u are also happy to discuss bulk buy discounts

Are Plumbed Mains Water Coolers Reliable?

We have mains plumbed water coolers which have been running constantly 24,7 for more than 10 years without fault.